• Hya Visitor ! Welcome to my FrenchKissFullMouthPierro Test. Be ready for anything, life is short ... Intelligence, Humour, Kinkiness, Slavability are all tested here.. Don't believe in any other's skills than yours & you may prove right... Bisous !
  • 1
    France is the greatest country on the Earth

  • 2
    Which is the best cheese ?

  • 3
    Do you know how to swim?

  • 4
    Ok, just so that you feel the pressure.. A scuba-diver gets air from a bottle. Is the air that he gets at his mouth from the breathing apparatus:

  • 5
    And now for something completely different:

  • 6
    Gaham Chapman is a

  • 7
    John Cleese is a :

  • 8
    France is a tiny country out of a tiny old continent called Europe, we all know that, don't we? But where s Monaco ? (more than 1 answer may be true)

  • 9
    I was caught off-guard on the last one, let s come back to LIFE, the BIG subject. Is LIFE:

  • 10
    How about linguistic abilities? Parlez-vous Francais? L' élégie est aussi essentiellement lymphatique que le dithyrambe est bilieux ...

  • 11
    Linguistic & political history abilities "Les chantiers navaux de Nantes sont mal en point .." est une vraie citation de:

  • 12
    Taste: The pyramid in the Louvres is:

  • 13
    Taste: Brooklyn is

  • 14
    In Paris, the most beautiful museum is:

  • 15
    A plasma is:

  • 16
    Kill the Young

  • 17
    Linguistic abilities: La Reunion is a tiny island part of France, far in the middle of Indian Ocean. La Réunion est un Departement d'Outre-Mer (D.O.M)

  • 18
    If I like you, I will invite you for a non-virtual drink Would you accept?

  • 19
    Where would this meeting take place?

  • 20
    How close are you of being a perfect match to me?