• This is a test to determine how fundamentally weird you are. Yes, I've taken other weirdness tests, but they couldn't even begin to measure my own particular type of weirdness. They were too biased towards things weird people do, and as such were limited by the author's imagination. But I think that true weirdness springs from how you think. Your actions are just circumstantial consequences. So this test will try to measure the weirdness of your mind, the foundation upon which weird behaviour is built and grown. And in time, as your enlightenment develops, makes you able to completely and utterly baffle the world around you simply by existing.

    I expect to have to improve the test now and then, so if you have any suggestions or comments, I'd probably like to hear them. And I should probably also try to find some pictures to add at some point.

    Anyway, let's see how you do, shall we?