• Transformers: Robots in disguise. I am altogether far too old to play with toys such as transformers and so, like many of my chubby brethren, I collect them. There's a big difference you know. I'm not an immature geek, I'm a responsible adult caught up in a heady whirlwind of nostalgia and wasted youth. Optimus Prime was my hero and Shockwave haunted my dreams. How cool are giant robots that transform into planes, guns trucks and, um, cassettes? See, I never really got that one even as a kid. Anyway, there's a couple of other Transformers triva quizzes about but none as goshdarned good as mine. Autobots, roll out! EDIT: Please be aware this test is based almost exclusively on the UK comics from the early 80's, NOT the cartoon that came out shortly after. Nor is it written about the US comics. But the UK ones. This is because that's where I'm from and those were the ones I read. In fact you don't even have to be aware of that you just need not to write to me frothing and complaining in an outraged manner. It's a non serious quiz written about a spin off of a toy from 20 years ago. There are far more important things to be oh so very earnest about. You big geek you.

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