• Are you a geek or not? You possibly already know, although being able to point your browser at OkCupid doesn't quite qualify you as such!

    Are you a masculine or feminine person, or somewhere inbetween? Again, you may well know this already!

    The question is, what happens when you combine the two? Are you a girl-geek or a footballer? Both? Don't be silly.

    This test is mostly for fun, so don't take any of the stereotypes too seriously! I fit into feminine geek, myself. Thanks, long hair!

  • The geekiness here is mostly measured as computer geekiness, and I apologise in advance if any of the gender questions are too stereotypical for your liking. This test is mostly for a bit of fun, although I'd be interested to compare people's results with how well I match with them! I have a theory I want to try :)