• 1

    Which option best fits your understanding of your gender?

  • 2

    Are you attracted exclusively to members of the "opposite" gender(for males and FTMs that would be women and for women and MTFs that would be men).

  • 3

    Do you think a man is less masculine if he likes baking?

  • 4

    Do you think a woman is less feminine if she is mechanically inclined and/or likes to fix things?

  • 5

    Which career paths are women more suited for?

  • 6

    When you buy new shoes, which matters more?

  • 7

    Which of the following sounds like a good excuse for crossdressing?

  • 8

    Who is RuPaul?

  • 9

    How do you feel about Brad Pitt in a dress?

  • 10

    Would you ever date a transgendered person?

  • 11

    How do you feel about shaving?

  • 12

    When you play with a Mr./Mrs. Potato Head doll, do you find yourself prone to accessorize according to societal expectations of gender?

  • 13

    Last, but not least, how do you rate your level of comfort with gender ambiguity on a scale of 1-10?