• Geeks are everywhere. Even if you don't consider yourself a geek, there's an ever growing chance that you might have friends, family, or coworkers that do. When you get a couple of them together, they will happily babble for hours about their media of choice; will you be able to at least keep track of the conversation?

    This test tracks your knowledge of geek television and film by presenting you with a series of memorable quotes (taken from IMDB). Match the quote with the film or TV series from which it originated. Each series or film only appears once, and questions are grouped by topic, so you can use the process of elimination to help you. After all, even true geeks might not have an encyclopedic knowledge of *everything* in geek culture.

    There are a lot of questions, because geeks have a really hard time paring down the list of stories they consider essential geek knowledge. How well will you do?

    (Thanks to Photognome for providing the pictures in this quiz, and to Geekin' for the end category pictures.)