• Hi! And welcome to my Genesis Fan/Era Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine your true nature. Which of the three distinct eras that the band Genesis evolved through is the best? Five Man (Peter Gabriel lead singer); Four Man (No Peter, Steve Hackett on guitar, Phil Collins on vocals) or Three Man (Banks, Rutherford, Collins)?
  • 1
    At what English Boarding School did the original line-up meet?

  • 2
    Which music promoter discovered the band?

  • 3
    What was the first album they released?

  • 4
    Whom did Steve Hackett replace?

  • 5
    On which album did Phil Collins sing his first solo?

  • 6
    How long is Supper's Ready?

  • 7
    The Lamb Lies.......

  • 8
    The above album.....

  • 9
    Gabriel wrote 'Solsbury Hill' about leaving the band?

  • 10
    Who designed the sleeve of A Trick of the Tail?