• This test is designed to measure males' opinions on how badly it sucks to get kicked rather forcefully in the testicular region. The primary purpose is to give females a concept of something they will never experience first-hand. Come on ladies, you know you find yourself wondering, "is it really THAT bad, or are men just wussies?" This test makes the following assumptions:

    (a) That you have testicles, and were born with them.
    (b) That you have at least some sensation down there (ie, you are not paralyzed from the waist down, lacking nerve endings, constantly drunk and passed out, etc.).
    (c) When we refer to being kicked in the balls, we are not talking about a kick from a 4 year old girl. This is a head-on collision from someone of average leg strength.

    Ladies, feel free to peruse the questions on the test to get an idea of what we are using for comparison. However, I would recommend stopping short of pressing "That's All!", or people may start to wonder about you.

    So, let's begin!