• Hi! And welcome to my GIGANTIC Sexual ImPurity Test.

    WARNING! #1: This text contains a lot of warnings. If you are not prepared to read them, you're not prepared to take the test.

    WARNING! #2: This test lives up to it's name. Prepare to spend a while with it.

    WARNING! #3: I assume most people have done the average stuff and therefore the weight of this test is given to stuff from the really kinky to the utterly sick and depraved. If you're the least sensitive, you should think again about doing this test.

    WARNING! #4: If you're under 18, this test may be inappropriate. It probably is if you're older than that too, but older people can't get their parents to complain to me as much.

    WARNING! #5: Read warnings #2 - #4 again.

    WARNING! #6: I have tried to take away the word bugs of this test, but it's far from as perfect as I'd like. If you have any comments, errata or suggestions I would appreciate feed-back.

    Information: This test is loosly based on my larger and better Purity Test located at http://purity-test.beplaced.com