• I'm curious to know as well. Let's see,these are not standard questions
  • 1
    I enjoy looking into someones eyes, it tells me more than their words

  • 2
    People are only as good as their words

  • 3
    When it comes to relationships, a little jealously can do alot of good

  • 4
    Flirting in public with someone else when I am with my date is something I don't do (no - I don't flirt, yes - I may)

  • 5
    If he don't give it to me, I'll get it somewhere else

  • 6
    Romance is like respect, you either got it or you dont

  • 7
    On a first date I would expect the person to buy flowers and make a big impression on me.

  • 8
    If I knew my partner wouldn't care if I messed around, I just might

  • 9
    I would tell my partner if I did the naughty with another person.

  • 10
    Little things like love notes will get more out of me than a bottle of wine

  • 11
    Speaking of which, I become uninhibited when I drink a bit too much.

  • 12
    I expect spontaneous things in a relationship, even if it seems a bit over the edge

  • 13
    I find things funny about odd characteristics in other people

  • 14
    I forget alot of things and hope I remembered what I said

  • 15
    Ok, crap, where did I put my keys

  • 16
    I consider myself open minded

  • 17
    I like different ethnic foods

  • 18
    I prefer cold beer over an expensive glass of wine

  • 19
    If I want something, I usually get it.

  • 20
    I have been known to manipulate things to my advantage