• Hi! And welcome to my Great Teacher Onizuka Trivia Test. This will show how well you know the greatest teacher in the world. I broke the test down into 3 sections. The anime, the live action drama and the manga. Good Luck and have fun!!!
  • Let's start with The anime...
  • 1
    Onizuka was a member of what gang before he became a teacher?

  • 2
    What's the name of Onizuka's main love interest in the series?

  • 3
    Name one of the famous characters Onizuka impersonated while saving his students from the gang members who refused to bungee jump from the bridge.

  • 4
    How many different opening/closing songs are there in the anime series?

  • 5
    What kind of car did Vice-Principal Uchiyamada drive during the series