• Hi! And welcome to my " Guess or Play Chess Game" Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine your true nature, your knowledge or guessing of the Game Called Chess.
  • 1
    Questions will get harder as we go along. How many squares are on a chess board?

  • 2
    How many pieces does each player start off with?

  • 3
    How many pawns are there, at the start of a game? (both sides)

  • 4
    Name the other pieces by there real names. (This answer is worth 2 points)

  • 5
    Pick the true answer from below.

  • 6
    True or false. The piece closet, and farest right of you should be on the black square, when starting a game.

  • 7
    Exclucding the pawn, and King, can any other piece come back to life?

  • 8
    If so, how do they come back to life? (worth 2 points)

  • 9
    Guuess the number of moves Bobby Fisher beat the Russian.

  • 10
    How many move can a King move before he causes a stalemate? (worth 2 points)

  • 11
    Least amount of moves each player can move before a checkmate is made. (worth 2 points)

  • 12
    How many times did you use your fingers to count with to answer these questions? You get a Point for being honest

  • 13
    Final question, Where these questions too hard to guess at?