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  • Notes: I have tried to make this test obtain as accurate results as possible. Although this test is very short, alot of time and thought went into writing it.

    Details: This test will attempt to measure your true sexual stamina, that is, how long you are able to last during sex.

    Tip: It is important to be honest in this test, and don't be surprised if the test tells you that you're "average", because most guys are... deal with it.

    Remember girls, this is a guys test. There is no point in females taking this test because lets face it, women last forever. I guess you can take it just for fun, just don't ask me how to answer the "how big is your penis" question...


    -Test tweaked to include age as a factor in the final score, this will be taken from your profile and won't be asked.
    -Test tweaked so takers can get slightly higher sores, since the average test taker was getting a "below average" score.
    -Possible Scores and categories listed on front page, so you know what you're getting into beforehand!

    -Test is released!

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    Possible scores and their respective categories (clickable):

    0-59 "The one Second Man"

    60-69 "below average"

    70-79 "Average"

    80-89 "Above Average"

    90-100 "The Satisfier (stud)"