• The Gypsy Witch Advice quiz is based on fortune telling cards that I am creating based from readings of the olde waye.  Here you will find questions that will help determine what cards best suit you at this time and the advice they have to give you to help you make the right choices for the changes and things coming to you in your future.  There are two cards and then the advice.  If the advice from either of the first two cards don't hit you or relate to you, look at the final advice.  It's the best way I could think of to give multiple readings to a number of people. 

    With only three questions there is a possibility of 48 results.  The results are based on your particular answers that you give at this time.  If the card is reversed, meaning upside down, the description for that section will pertain to you and you should know if it does by the description.  Otherwise, regard the upright position for your reading.

    .Please note that this is an attempt to use the cards in a way that they have never been used before.  I hope that you find them enjoyable and take to heart that this particular exercise if for entertainment purposes only. 

    Thank you and may your future be bright and happy.

    **Not all the cards in the deck were used in this quiz.**