• Hi! And welcome to my Hardcore Arrested Development Test. This is not a trivia test per se, it's a devotion test. If you have never watched the whole series back-to-back this is not the test for you (and you should get right on that...come on!). There are a few other test available on this site that might be good to try first. I'll try to put the easier stuff first but there might be some curve balls in there. Good Luck! Note, the categories have been acting up, I'll try to fix it later, just pay attention to the percentage for now. Thanks, have fun.
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  • 2
    Mitchell Hurwitz also created what hit show?

  • 3
    Michael Bluth retained what in his banana deal with G.O.B.?

  • 4
    Maybe Funke wants to cast who in what?

  • 5
    The Bluth co. housing order being cut back from 22 to 18 in season 2 is a reference to what?

  • 6
    How many gold records of Quincey Jones does Starla have on her wall?

  • 7
    What is the brand name of the model home decor?

  • 8
    What is the name of Oscar's song

  • 9
    What is the address of the Bluth model home?

  • 10
    What is on the sign always carried by the recuring drag queen?

  • 11
    Why did Bob Loblaw replaced Barry Zuckerkorn?

  • 12
    Michael knows Rita is ready to make love because she refers to it as...?

  • 13
    Uncle Jack stared as Bullet the Nazi hunter in what movie?

  • 14
    Standpoor is the name of a shadow company controlled by?

  • 15
    Which of these events does the family NOT make a banner for?

  • 16
    Who's chicken impression is this: "A-coodle-doodle-do" and waving your arms at your side like your trying to fly?

  • 17
    What is the fake doctor name Michael uses when he's trying to see if his family noticed he'd gone? (hint: It's a call-forward for one of the seasons biggest plot lines)

  • 18
    Who's chicken impression is also a homosexual taunt in Mexico?

  • 19
    There's no "I" in...?

  • 20
    During the Saddam trial what reason does Saddam give for not being guilty?