• Hello and welcome to the Hardcore Pokemon knowledge test.  Pokemon is a deceptively deep RPG for the Game Boy platforms, and many of us have spent countless hours with it since Red and Blue first came out.  Think you know the games?  We'll see.  I'm not going to lob you softballs like, "what type is Pikachu" or any crap like that, so get ready to pull info from all 4 current Generations (since there is no Black/White in the USA yet).


    These questions are all coming from my brain, only using the internet to confirm.  See if you can match my knowledge.  This test is fairly long (40 questions), so strap in and try not to cheat.  I got no Poke-respect for cheaters.


    The beginning of every question will specify what game or generation I am asking about, with the default being the current generation: "Gen IV".