• For some people the SCA is just a fun way to spend time, meet people and be creative. For others the SCA is a whole way of life, those folks are CRAZY! Find out how hardcore of an SCA member you are...
  • 1
    People call me by my SCA name...

  • 2
    How specific is your SCA persona(s)?

  • 3
    How many SCA events or demos did you attend in the last year?

  • 4
    How many local meetings or practices did you attend in the last year? (business meetings, dance practice, sewing night, fight practice, build the balista before Pennsic work day...)

  • 5
    How many major wars have you attended? (Pennsic, Gulf Wars, Lilies, Estrella, etc. Count each year of attendance for each war.)

  • 6
    Estimate how many miles you have driven in the last year in the name of the SCA. (Going to and from events, SCA related shopping or research excursions, etc.)

  • 7
    How many complete sets of garb are in your collection.

  • 8
    My SCA campsite is...

  • 9
    How many big jobs have you done for the SCA in the last year? (baronial or kingdom office, event steward, feast master, royalty, chamberlain, or made a large items of regalia, etc.)

  • 10
    Estimate how much money you have spent on the SCA in the last year. (Include cost of events, gas, garb, accesories, tools, books, library fines, camping suplies, donations, etc.)

  • 11
    What percentage of your "friends" are in the SCA?

  • 12
    When I'm at SCA events I usually...

  • 13
    When I watch an SCA period movie I...

  • 14
    When I go shopping I...

  • 15
    How crafty are you?

  • 16
    What about other skills such as fighting, singing, dancing, cooking, gaming, etc?

  • 17
    How much SCA related research do you do?

  • 18
    Does your SCA persona influence your hairstyle?

  • 19
    Do people at work know you are in the SCA?

  • 20
    How long have you been in the SCA?