• Hi! And welcome to my Hermit, Wanderer, Courtesan Test. There are 16 possible results and the goal here is to determine how open you are to love interests, how often you need to be communicated with, how desiring you are of love, how your levels of independence in relation to initial communication and first meetings of a budding relationship. And then give a glib but (hopefully) accurate response about it.

    If you message me your scores (of your first taking), and results, I will look at your profile and make a human assessment of the results, and possibly tweak the test/categories.


    (drop me a line if you have any suggestions or syntax arguments!)

  • 1
    You have had a fabulous first date with someone you met on OKCupid, the feelings seem mutual. But your date doesn't call or contact you for a few days. You:

  • 2
    An initially spirited hopeful communication (full of long emails) exchange drops off before your first meeting, but after you've sent a photo. You may be caught on camera saying this phrase...

  • 3
    You've found someone you like, you've met once or twice, its gone well... how often do you expect (or would like to) see this person in order to feel forward momentum.

  • 4
    You and this hypothetical lover have kissed, made out, and now recently you've had sex. You've initiated each act of the intimacy. Are you the one who makes the next move... or will you wait?

  • 5
    Do you have/find/harbor crushes on first sight easily?

  • 6
    You believe you are independent and open for love. (Dig deep here)

  • 7
    You have the phone number of a nice/sexy/lovely person you...

  • 8
    I like to make the first move, and maybe the second move...

  • 9
    People have called me lovesick, heartsick, bleeding heart, a romantic or similar before.

  • 10
    Love is like: