• Once, there was a bleak void of blind purchase games sustained by artificial rarity, strict price control, intentional obsolescence, and price gouging. Collectible games, they were called, and many a gamer went broke in their addiction. But then a light was shined into the darkness, and Heroscape was born! A bold, brave new concept, just as expandable as any 'collectible' blind purchase game, but with an important difference: if you wanted a figure, you just bought the box it was in, end of story! The people rejoiced, and embraced this revolutionary game of hexes and miniatures. How much do YOU love Heroscape? Take this challenge and find out where you stand.
  • 1
    What is the name of the land our various lovable heroes and villains have been called to for epic battle?

  • 2
    There are five major political factions in the game. The leaders of these factions are said to have the rank of...

  • 3
    The very first Heroscape release contains a hero with a special ability that doesn't work with any of the other figures included in the box. What hero is it?

  • 4
    What is the highest number for a normal (non-special), unadjusted (no height or other bonuses) attack in the game, as of January 2008?

  • 5
    Heroscape draws from many different cultures for its figure ideas. As of January 2008, which of the following cultures has not been directly used for a figure as of yet?

  • 6
    Elves hail from the planet of...

  • 7
    You try to clone a second Marro Warrior from your last one. The last Marro Warrior is standing on the Glyph of Lodin, which is on a water space. You roll an 8. Does the cloning succeed or fail?

  • 8
    You roll for the Rod of Negation ability on a Swog Rider. You roll a 20. What happens?

  • 9
    The exclusive figure Sir Hawthorne is a repainted...

  • 10
    Uh oh! You have a common squad figure standing on molten lava! But let's say you get to choose the class of the figure. Which class has figures with the best chance of not dying instantly?

  • 11
    I was created by Hannah, the winner of a special contest. My name is...

  • 12
    You want to recruit Nerak, Parmenio, Niflheim, and two squads of Gladiatrons. How much will it cost in drafting points?

  • 13
    Your opponent has just drafted the Krav Maga Agents. Now it's your turn to draft, so which of these units would you choose to counter them best?

  • 14
    Assuming the board map is a flat plain, how many creatures can surround a figure taking up only one space?

  • 15
    Orcs are...

  • 16
    As of January 2008, there are how many small-sized Heroscape units?

  • 17
    Omnicron Snipers are predominantly white, but they have prominent blue sections on their bodies. From a frontal view, how many blue sections are visible?

  • 18
    Orcs like to ride...

  • 19
    The second ability of Ullar's flagbearer enhances...

  • 20
    The title of my special ability contains the letters Q, G, U, and X all in the same word. Which faction do I fight for?

  • 21
    As of January 2008, only one race has a unit with zero Move. What race is it?

  • 22
    What is the difference between the Counterstrike ability on Charos and the Counterstrike ability on the Izumi Samurai?

  • 23
    The Glyph of Jalgard grants a bonus to...

  • 24
    If you want sparkly water tiles in your Rise of the Valkyrie Master Set, what should you look for?

  • 25
    There's plenty of humanoids that ride non-humanoid creatures. But what non-humanoid creature rides on a humanoid? (As of, as always, January 2008.)

  • 26
    What is this whole epic war thing FOR, anyway?

  • 27
    Which of the following is not part of a scenario included in the Rise of the Valkyrie Master Set?

  • 28
    I can summon the dreaded Rechets of Bogan. My class is...

  • 29
    One of the following units does NOT have Stealth Flying. Which one is it?

  • 30
    The leader of the Anubian Wolves, unlike his subordinates, distinguishes himself by wielding a shield and a weapon instead of relying on his claws and teeth alone. What weapon does he use?

  • 31
    What expansion box contains a Trollticore?

  • 32
    One of the Deathwalkers is a serious kamikaze. What's his number?

  • 33
    Raelin's second version in the Swarm of the Marro expansion has a slightly tweaked defensive aura ability. What's the tweak?

  • 34
    If you keep rolling a 20 for the Frenzy ability on the Armoc Vipers, can you continue to take turns with them until you win the game or the Armocs destroyed themselves (by swimming into lava, etc)?

  • 35
    I'm the only dragon shaped like a big S. Who am I?

  • 36
    Gurei-Oni has been recruited by Jehovah's Witnesses and is knocking on your castle door... VERY insistently. In fact, it counts as a normal attack with two skulls rolled! You rolled a single shield in defense. If you add your door's current Life to the printed Defense on its card, what number would you get?

  • 37
    Oops, your last figure has slipped into a lava field space. What die (as in the singular form of the word 'dice') do you roll to determine what happens?

  • 38
    As a high-standing citizen of Jandar's faction, you have been chosen to select a squad to send to the Three-Man Squad Olympics this year. What an honor! Which of the following squads would NOT be appropriate to select?

  • 39
    Which gladiator is lucky enough to own a shirt?

  • 40
    Krug try smash north wind black pajama man, but pajama man go poof! Krug no count so good, so maybe you help Krug. How many spaces Krug look to find pajama man, if pajama man poof as far as he could?

  • 41
    Krug need even more help! Krug want ask cute red-skin kyrie lady out on date! But her aura makes all tings nearby go splat. ;( Krug need remember where aura come from, so can take it away from her and hide it... Krug not tell her dat, of course! Where her splat aura come from?!

  • 42
    Dis last ting Krug need help with. Krug good friend Fiantooth is standing one foot on road space, and one foot on grassy space. Krug need to know what bonuses his friend get, because friend is too busy polishin' horns to remember own numbers.

  • 43
    Which of these units has a Precise personality?

  • 44
    The glyphs of Astrid, Dagmar, Gerda, and Valda are listed here alphabetically. In the order listed, what traits do they give their bonuses to?

  • 45
    Which glyph makes units with flying cry?

  • 46
    Acolarh's first special ability is named...

  • 47
    Who did Eldgrim vow to vanquish?

  • 48
    A Minion of Utgar is about to open a can of pain on your Tor-Kul-Na. You are playing the BASIC version of the game, not the advanced version. Assuming the Minion rolls all skulls, and you roll shields on half your dice (rounded up, if necessary), does Tor-Kul-Na survive the attack?

  • 49
    Your army consists of the 4th Massachusetts Line, Finn the Viking Champion, Sentinels of Jandar, Sir Denrick, Concan the Kyrie Warrior, Templar Cavalry, Knights of Weston, and MacDirk Warriors. From the start of the game, do the 4th Massachusetts Line get the benefit of their second ability?

  • 50
    How many horns does Valguard have on his helmet?

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