• Hi! And welcome to my interactive adaptation of Thomas J. Leonard's Super (or Highly) Sensitive Persons Test. For the following questions determine if the statement is either Somewhat True, True, Very True, or Extremely True, and chose the appropriate answer. If the statement is Untrue, skip the question and move on to the next.

  • Section One - My Experience of Childhood
  • 1
    I was the one who was often called a crybaby by my family, friends or schoolmates.

  • 2
    I frequently overreacted (either internally or externally) to situations or people when I felt that I needed something but they couldn't/wouldn't provide it for me.

  • 3
    I was much more afraid or fearful of new places, situations or people, than others were, even if there was no apparent threat.

  • 4
    I found myself often feeling overwhelmed when in busy or loud environments, such as shopping centers, parks or classrooms.

  • 5
    I couldn't understand why the other kids my age could be so confident or fearless.

  • 6
    I found it very difficult to learn certain skills or grasp information/schoolwork that I knew wasn't that difficult, but that I just couldn't get without a lot of effort.

  • 7
    My parents had a very difficult/frustrating time with me and/or had to work extra hard in order to take care of my emotional needs.

  • 8
    I was extremely shy on the inside, even if I did force myself to relate with others.

  • 9
    I found it almost impossible to say what I really meant without it coming out a mush.

  • 10
    I was very tentative or hesitant, even in situations that were perfectly safe.