• Uh-Ohz! Time to test your knowledge of video game history!

    Here are 50 ridiculous rib-busters about game genres, famous geeks, and infamous incidents. So put on your power glove, kick back with a case of Clear Pepsi: Crystal Cola, and take a somewhat-amusing stroll through your memories of games played in this lifetime, or the last one. Or, if you're Mario, the last 99 or so of your short lifetimes.

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    Without further ado, the questions...




  • 1
    Which of the following characters does not appear in the King's Quest series?

  • 2
    Which of these games was not directed by Shigeru Miyamoto?

  • 3
    Metal Slug belongs to the __________ genre.

  • 4
    Rise of the Triad belongs to the __________ genre.

  • 5
    Operation Wolf belongs to the __________ genre.

  • 6
    Ikaruga belongs to the __________ genre.

  • 7
    Which of these games is generally considered to be the most difficult to complete?

  • 8
    Super Mario Bros 2 for the Nintendo Entertainment System was a modified version of a Famicom game called:

  • 9
    In Super Mario Bros 2 for the Nintendo Entertainment System, the official name of the egg-spitting monster is ___________