• Well then, anyone who knows me knows that I love books. I read far too many of them, if I keep up at this rate... I will have read them all. Any case, i've recently finished the "Harry Potter" series... and it was surprisingly good... so here is the quiz to let you know which of the four Hogwarts Houses you belong in... I'll try not to put too many "Insider" things about the books! This isn't about how much you know about Harry Potter... it's a personality thing... Promise!

    For those who dont know what a sorting hat is, or are just curious about this test but know nothing about the Harry Potter books... keep reading. I'll tell you! Everyone else can just go on in and find out where you land.

    The sorting hat is Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry's way of putting students into their 'houses.' Think of it as a magical way of finding out what kind of person the student is, and what kind of people the student would most get along with. There are four houses, each named for the professor who founded it... each had a very different idea of what kind of person should be taught. Take the test to find out where you would land after the sorting hat had spoken...

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