• We've all thought about it.


    Maybe you've fancied the idea of entering the workplace brandishing a machete and an evil grin. Perhaps it's those family gatherings where Aunt Hilda has one bottle too many of champagne and winds up under the dining table, swiping at your legs as you pass by. Maybe it's the incessant nagging of a boyfriend/girlfriend who thinks you go out too much, drink too much and sleep with too many other people. None of these apply to me, of course, but you might fall under one of these or many other situations and demographic areas that make you an ideal candidate for multiple body counts. You might have even done so already, but we're willing to turn a blind eye to that if you promise to a) never do it again and b) take this test.


    This test, conceived in a Willy Wonka-type fantasy land, has been certified by our team of Oompa-Loompas to 100% accurately determine the important question for all you postal workers out there: are you a homicidal maniac? More importantly, are you likely to strike out in some violent way in the near future? Will this frenzy of violence occur when you find yourself stuck in an elevator with a dreary elderly person and her yappy Pekingese dog? Take this harmless quiz (just don't take it too seriously), and discover the awful truth for yourself.



    LAUNCHED: June 12, 2006.

    UPDATED: October 22, 2008.