• This is a test built to measure your knowledge of homosexual slang! Hope you enjoy!
  • 1
    Lets start with an easy one. Which is the correct use of the word 'Mary'? (remember this is in reference to gay slang)

  • 2
    Where does the phrase "No more wire hangers, EVER!" come from?

  • 3
    How do Drag Queens refer to putting on make-up?

  • 4
    Where did the word 'Bulldagger' come from?

  • 5
    What does 'fishy' mean?

  • 6
    Which of the following is NOT a slang word for homosexual men?

  • 7
    What is a Tween?

  • 8
    Bitch, that gown is ____________ !

  • 9
    Where did the term 'drag' come from?

  • 10
    What is a 'birds nest'?

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