• Hi! And welcome to Hally's horniness test. How horny are you compared to Hally? The score ranges from -5 to 200. The higher the score, the more hornier you are. My horny level is 175. See if you are "hornier then Hally!"
  • 1
    Does the thought of your partner/lover ejaculating make you horny?

  • 2
    When a girl spread her pussy lips, or when a man strokes his cock, is that a turn on to you?

  • 3
    Have you ever parodied a song/lyrics so that it turns sexually-oriented?

  • 4
    Do the slang words for vagina/penis get you horny? (i.e beef taco, sideways sloppy joe, polish sausage, whatever.. )

  • 5
    Do you talk about pussy/cock to your friends?

  • 6
    Oral sex - The thought of spreading a girl's pussy lips open, gazing at her vaginal opening, and licking it, or (for women) the thought of grasping an erect cock and sucking on the shaft makes you horny by how much?

  • 7
    You show love/compassion (non-sexual) to your partner/lover before you engage in sexual activity.

  • 8
    ***If you don't watch porn, skip to next question*** After watching porn to relieve your horniness, how long is it before you are REALLY horny again?

  • 9
    ***SKIP this question if you are a virgin*** Do thoughts from the last time you have sex carry over to the next time you have sex? For example, if the last time you had sex was unbelievable, does that memory make you even hornier?

  • 10
    I've got a cucumber. What are you thinking about doing to it NOW?

  • 11
    When your lover is creative (in a sexual way), does that turn you on?

  • 12
    When someone mentions a sexual word (vagina, penis, pussy, cock, dick, balls, whatever) does your horniness go up, down, or stay the same?

  • 13
    How much is your horniness affected when your body is experiencing minor pain? (back pain, chest aches, heartburn, etc...)

  • 14
    Think about the last time you pooped. Ok, now that you thought of it, how horny are you NOW?!