• There are no guidelines to which movies I'm refering to, usually just horror movies in general, sometimes more specific. But you are never required to have seen one specific horror movie, wouldn't be fair. Try to answer as honestly as possible, if you can't decide on an answer then skip it, it doesn't effect your score. Good luck, don't get mutilated.

    (NOTE: Thanks for checking this out! This is still in its infant/beta stage. Pictures are up for all results. Trying to spread out the possible results so everyone doesn't get the same boring average score. Any help would be appreciated, new questions, present questions, new pictures, etc. Send to Shadowde@Yahoo.com)

    (UPDATE: Added a few random pictures to spice up the test. Also scores were reset since I went to 1000's scoring for awhile, then back to percentages. Thanks for your patience. Added new questions and revised the stats of most. So if your curious try it again, will probably get a new score.)