• Hi! And welcome to my Horse Expert Test. This test is simple pass or fail. There is only one right answer to every question. All answers are not opinion but fact. If you think you know your horse flesh, and equine history, you may be surprised. Take this test and find out just what you do know. This covers many breeds, but focuses on American breeds and history of those breeds. You won't find allot of this on the internet or in easy to read books. It is written by an equine expert. If you get even close to 100% on this test and are a guy, I would love to hear from you. Heck even a girl with that much knowledge could be a great new friend. (I do mean friend) If you are wondering about the Texas Longhorn in the photo, I ride them too. Nope that's not me, Iam a lady, not a "dude" (if your a horse person you got the pun, right?) Have fun taking this test and please be sure to rate it. I have been ask to add some easier questions to this test, so as of 12.15.05 I have added a few at the start of the test to get you warmed up and thinking.

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