• First impressions do count, and some of the profiles here on okcupid make me cringe.

    Here is an actual example:

    i'm a 23 year old female looking to make some new friends, well u can never have enough right love most kinds of music especially elvis presley yes you may call me sad!!. love going out and having a good time with my friends and in my spare time like watching tv or watching dvds, love most programmes from reality shows to comedies. i like going swimming, like to play tennis sometimes and play football with my mates kids occasionally but always in goal i wonder why,going out to eat with my friends but u know the type whos always the first to get more on the table than actually eating it then yep thats me lol, and i also just like sitting around being lazy which really is most days!

    This user has managed to write a whole paragraph about herself and what have I learned about her, apart from the fact she is illiterate? NOTHING.

    I see this as a necessary service.

    You might be a brilliant person in real life, but if your profile is annoying, chances are that no one here will ever find out. Which is a shame.

    I will determine how many profile no-nos you've committed, and hopefully you'll go back and correct them.