• Hi! And welcome to my "how attractive is ur penis?" Test. penises come in all shapes and sizes and some r better for certain things than others. some penises look nice and some r ugly, and its not all about size for me. if ur bored and/or curious about what i think of ur penis, this is the quiz for u! the higher ur score, the nicer i probably think ur penis looks. if u don't have a penis, the test won't really work out too well, but ur welcome to try anyway lol P.S.: this is for fun and not an invitation for you to message me and offer to show...
  • 1
    so ur incredibly horny and ur penis is as big and hard as it will ever be. how long is it?

  • 2
    and the circumference? (NOT the width)

  • 3
    is ur tip nipped? (r u circumcised?)

  • 4
    if u answered yes to the previous question, how visible is the scar? if no, skip it.

  • 5
    now the angle: when fully erect, ur penis...

  • 6
    more angles...when erect, ur penis...

  • 7
    landscaping: how do u groom ur hair down there?

  • 8
    ur penis head is...

  • 9
    how veiny is ur shaft?

  • 10
    which pictograph best shows ur relative testicle-to-penis size?

  • 11
    which banana most resembles ur penis?