Hi! If you're taking this test, you're probably an online roleplayer, meaning that you enjoy writing stories with other people with each person controlling a character. 


    RPing is a whole lot of fun, but a really bad character can ruin it for everyone. This test will rate your character on eight different scales to help you see what could use improvement. Please answer honestly and don't cut your character undue slack, or this test will be useless to you.


    When you get your results, you'll also get a link to the googledocs page containing the original version of this test. You'll get a sense of how the scores were weighted (although some changes were made for this version), and you'll also find an FAQ that explains the reasoning behind a few of the items on the list and offers advice on improvement.


    Special abilities and equipment awarded by a GM in a standardized RP setting with rules (for example, a wizard's spells in D&D) don't "count" for any question; answer as if your character lacked those things. For the most valid result, answer based on a "freeform" version of your character, not a version from a standardized game. 


    Bear in mind that a "high" score on any given scale is typically below 20%. If you want to get a sense of how you compare to other RPers, this quiz software includes graphs at the end that will give you that information.


    When you see the option "I don't know," try to make an educated guess if you can. Even if your character has never dealt with a given situation before, you might have an idea of how they would react. If you really don't know the answer (for example, the question is about your character's eye color, and you haven't decided their eye color yet), then choose "I don't know." Think of this option as a last resort.


    Finally, don't take this test too seriously or personally! It's possible to score some points on any of the badness scales and still have a good character. Generally, none of the items that don't award Stupid points are inherently bad; it's when they begin to stack up that you have a problem. If you're scoring very high, consider asking some writers you admire for advice.