• camo
  • Hi! And welcome to my how country are you Test. I'll be using not so advanced logic and knowledge to determine your true nature.
  • 1
    which one of these is not a real camo?

  • 2
    what is a button buck?

  • 3
    antlers and horns are the same thing

  • Photobucket
  • 4
    who is this bullrider?

  • 5
    one thing a true country boy wont leave home without is...

  • 6
    how many guns do you have in the house?

  • 7
    does your house have wheels?

  • 8
    what kind of animals do you have mounted on the wall?

  • 9
    how many time do you shoot a gun in one year?

  • 10
    pic a political side

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