• "Life isn't fair. It's just fairer than death, that's all."

    --- from The Princess Bride

    We make our own fortunes, don't we? But that's balogna, because we're all given different opportunities. Simply the fact you're taking this test on the Internet and not on a slab of clay means that you're surviving, but still I wonder: what situation were you born into? A household with alcoholic parents? A trailer park? Or a suburb with an exceptionally bad school system? Or HELL: maybe everything was fine but you're gay in Utah.

    My test will determine, quickly, how good of a hand you were dealt across the spectrum of that which affected your development: your finances, the love of your (foster? surrogate? incarcerated?) parents, etc. It does not measure success or adult difficutlies, only childhood adversity.

    Updated October 13, 2005, based on user feedback. Thanks for all the crazy stories!