• Hi! And welcome to my How Do I Break-Up With Him Test? Before I begin, this test is not to help you decide if you are going to break up with anyone. Please don't expect this to help you do that. I really couldn't live with the guilt of that.
    The way I've done this test is through making up a model which i needed to get done for work. I thought I would apply it to relationships after having some conversations recently. The essential theories are still the same..
    I've had to make some assumptions in this test, however, I'm sure it can be re-applied to be more generic. I just thought I would base it on what i know the most about. The assumptions behind the underlying model are
    a) You're a woman in a heterosexual relationship
    b) You've actually decided to break-up with your partner for whatever reason
    c) You're not breaking up with him because you cheated on him and are not doing it out of guilt
    d) You've not actually formally ended your relationship e.g. closure.

    Very briefly, the aim of this test is to establish how much influence he is having on your decision, how much it may hurt him and then what you need to do about it. Maybe that might help you in how choose to handle the need to change in this relationship.
    Finally as a note of guidance, please don't feel under pressure to answer all the questions. I don't think everything will be applicable and there are quite a lot of questions which are quite hurtful, especially when you're going through such a delicate time. UPDATE: This test is a beta format. I'm in the process of redoing questions and conclusions and presenting the test better (e.g. on seperate pages). Feedback would be most appreciated and helpful. Especially on how to order it. Please don't rate this test.