• Hi! And welcome to my How Dominant are you? Test. This test will mesure how Dominant or Submissive you are in a relationship. Please note: This test is for people who beleive they are Dominant. If you are submissive and take this test you may get a false result do to the nature of some of the questions. Skipping questions affects your score so please answer all of them. PLEASE REMEMBER TO RATE MY TEST!
  • 1
    Your partner asks you to spank them you...

  • 2
    In S/M what is a "warm-up"

  • 3
    In S/M what is sub-space?

  • 4
    Have you ever tied someone up?

  • 5
    Have you ever been tied up?

  • 6
    A slave/submissive is...

  • 7
    A single tail whip is...

  • 8
    Sensory Deprivation is....

  • 9
    If you are in a relationship, when you are both in the car who is driving? If you are not in a relationship then imagine you are.

  • 10
    You want to try something new sexually. You...

  • 11
    True or False: I have been involved in an act that involved LISTENING for safewords.

  • 12
    A cute round bottom all rosy red from spanking is...