• Hi! And welcome to the "How Funny Are You, Really?" Test. We already know how funny you think you are. This test will determine how funny other people think you are. 

    On some of the questions, I endowed people with specific genders because I felt that using terms like he/she or husband/wife detracted from the comedic flow. I did, however, alternate genders so as not to be offensive. When taking the test, insert the genders that work best for you. If you have trouble choosing an answer to any question, pick the one that you think best describes your sense of humor, even if it isn't something you'd actually say or do.

    Remember, this test is based on the most advanced technology available to humankind. So, if it says you aren't funny, then you just aren't funny.

    All scores range from 0 to 40.

    Have fun!! If you like my test, send me an email.