• As defined on Godhatesfurries.com, "Furries are members of an internet subculture known as 'Furry' (often referred to as 'Furry Fandom'), they are commonly people who enjoy anthropomorphic animals - animals bearing the attributes of humans (Bugs Bunny is an example - he walks on two feet and acts human.) - seems innocent enough, right? No. You or I might enjoy Bugs Bunny, or Tom and Jerry cartoons or Chewbacca like any normal person, but Furries take their interest to an absurd extreme. An extreme never before seen, this is what makes Furries so hilarious and worthy of mockery. Furryism is, at it's core, the sexual objectification of animals."

    So, have you ever wondered if you might be a furry?  If so, take this test and find out how justifiable your life is.