• 1

    Your current mobile phone is still perfectly workable, but it is extremely old and outdated. Your friends constantly tease you about it. There is a sale for the Apple iPhone 4. You:

     I would never have friends who tease me about my phone, they know money isn’t everything in life.

    Hold on to your current phone, though maybe you’d think of getting a new phone once this phone dies.

    I already have the iPhone 4s. You do know that's the latest model, right?

  • 2

    Your friend gets you a present. Which would you prefer? 

  • 3

    Would you rather marry a:

  • 4

    It's Christmas, and some relatives send you a card noting that in lieu of your gift, a charity donation has been made in your name. You:

  • 5

    You would choose a job that is:

  • 6

    You would say that you are:

  • (This is for research purposes only- we will be using it for a research studies project at school regarding materialism in the world today. Your choice does not affect results, and rest assured, your information will be kept secret and confidential)

  • 7

    Your age:

  • 8

    You are:

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