• Hi! And welcome to my how much could I possibly stand you Test. I will be asking random questions to determine wether I would like, hate or even kill you if we ever met.
  • 1
    Are you deeply religious, meaning do you believe in a god?

  • 2
    Do you believe humans are superior to all other living creatures on earth (and beyond)?

  • 3
    When it come to food... how would you describe your eating behaviour?

  • 4
    Would you have sex shortly after meeting someone you like, perhaps even on the first date or after an unexpected encounter with someone you fancy enough?

  • 5
    TV... how do you feel about TV?

  • 6

  • 7
    You just ordered a meal in a restaurant, you taste it, it sucks. What would your reaction be when the waiter/ waitress asks you how you like it?

  • 8
    you're about to buy a new car...

  • 9
    you win a large ammount of money...

  • 10
    Vacation time... where are you?

  • 11
    You accidentally hit an animal with your car, there is no way you could have avoided it... you...

  • 12
    how do you like your women? Pick!

  • 13
    If we would agree to go on a first date where would you take me?

  • 14
    are you pretty sick of my questions already?

  • 15
    tall women are...

  • 16

  • 17
    would you say you are experienced in bed?

  • 18
    Do you like masturbating while you're having a kinky online conversation with someone (virtual sex, you know...)

  • 19
    last but not least... how often do you shower/ bathe?