• Hi! And welcome to my Are you into Fat Chicks Test. I'm a fat chick, some use "bbw", but no I like to tell it like it is. I'ave been a fat chick my whole life and to this day I am still amazed at how many chubby chasing men there are out there. Could you be one of them? let's find out...
  • 1
    When going to a bar (or concert, or church if that is your thing) you tend to gravitate toward:

  • 2
    Which of these statements best describes how you feel about fat chicks:

  • 3
    Ok, so your fat cousin is in town and your mother asks you to entertain her for the afternoon. you're at the mall and you see your friends.. you think:

  • 4
    Imagine all the the women in the world suddenly were transformed. Now all women weigh over 250 pounds, but men still are the same. Which statement is closest to your reaction

  • 5
    Imagine your partner whom you love dearly suddenly gains 75 pounds because of an illness/medication.

  • 6
    Which statement best describes your feelings about physical attraction and fatness.

  • 7
    Please indicate below how you feel about the following statement: I think of skinny women are like bicycles, it's ok to ride, but not very satisfying to cuddle with.

  • 8
    If you hooked up with a fat chick and your friends found out what would you do/say?

  • 9
    Would you ever ask a fat girl out on a date.

  • 10
    Assuming that you were dating a fat chick, what would be your motivation?

  • 11
    What do you like best about fat chicks

  • 12
    ok, what is your build like? (no points for this one, this is purely for scientific research)