• Hi! And welcome to my "How Much Music Do You have"? Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine your true knowledge of music. I wil list songs, album titles, and other various trivia and see how well you know music. Please don't send me messages flipping out on me complaining about my accuracy of questions. if you like the test thanks. if i might have the questions or answers slightly wrong suggest something. But, i am a fairly knowledgeable in the field of music. if you have suggestions for questions or things you don't see message me. Remember...HAVE FUN!
  • 1
    "Pennyroyal Tea" and "Milk it" are songs created by which band?

  • 2
    Ragnarok is a/an....

  • 3
    Layne Staley was the lead singer of what band?

  • 4
    B.B King sings what genre music?

  • 5
    Spinderella is a band member of what Female rap group?

  • 6
    Where was the city known as "the birthplace of Grunge"?

  • 7
    Skillet, Underoath, and Flyleaf are all mainstream Christian Rock bands...true or false?

  • 8
    Skinny Puppy, Ministry, Insekt, and Frontline Assembly all refer to what genre of rock music?

  • 9
    Rammstein predominantly sings in what language?

  • 10
    "Even Flow", "Nothingman", "Better Man", "Daughter", and "yield" are songs by which grunge/alternative artist?

  • 11
    "Wings of a Butterfly" is a song done by which artist?

  • 12
    The album title "And Justice For All" was created by?

  • 13
    "Saddam a Go-Go" and "Sick of U" are songs done by this metal band.

  • 14
    "Brass Monkey" and "Fight For Your Right" are a hit songs song done by which artist?

  • 15
    Pantera is a heavy metal band...but it is also spanish for?

  • 16
    "You oughta know" done by Alanis Morisette was presumed to be written for which male celebrity when he cheated on her.

  • 17
    Stonesour is a side project band created by the lead singer of what popular metal band?

  • 18
    Zach De la Rocha is lead singer of which metal band?

  • 19
    HIM stands for:

  • 20
    Out of these 4 songs which one was created by Pantera?

  • 21
    "Big Black Bomb...ATTACK! Break Down Resistance...Fight Back!" is lyrics from which band?

  • 22
    what 80's rock band sang this quick 2 liner "And the mirror, mirror on the wall Sees my smile it fades again" (in a ballad that almost killed thier career?)

  • 23
    from the last question...can you name the song associated with the lyrics? heres some more lines: "Sometimes I wish to God I didn't know now The things I didn't know then"

  • 24
    "The wreckage of my past keeps haunting me It just won't leave me alone I still find it all a mystery Could it be a dream?" refers to which song and artist?

  • 25
    Jerry Garcia was the lead singer of which Psychadelic Rock band?