• Hi! And welcome to my How much music you listen to Test. This is a test to measure how broad your musical tastes are. So.. Listen to your entire iPod and then take this test... or... just take the test!
  • 1
    Flogging Molly is a..

  • 2
    Mozart composed all of the following except...

  • 3
    Beethoven Composed how many symphonies?

  • 4
    Victor Wooten is a famous Jazz performer on what instrument?

  • 5
    The Beatles were a key part in something called...

  • 6
    Jonathan Larson Composed which of the following?

  • 7
    Mama, I just killed a man. Put a gun against his head, pulled the trigger now he's dead....

  • 8
    Which Michael Jackson song was later covered by the band Alien Ant Farm?

  • 9
    Which member of Nirvana Later started the Foo Fighters?

  • 10
    The Singer of "Everlast" known as Whitey Ford was formerly in the hip hop combo known as the House of Pain.

  • 11
    MxPx is Christian punk band, their Name means...

  • 12
    J.S. Bach's occupation was...

  • 13
    "This is the story of a girl...." is a song by which band?

  • 14
    A band categorized in the genre of "Shock Rock" would most likely be...

  • 15
    Who composed the music for the Lord of the Rings trilogy?

  • 16
    Franz Liszt is noted for always sitting with his profile to the audience rather than facing them because he was not a particularly attractive man.

  • 17
    The song "Crash" by Dave Mathews is really about a couple falling in love.

  • 18
    The goal of most contemporary "classical" music is to...

  • 19
    Mozart is said to be more of a genius than Einstein.