The how much would you diaper / nappy children Test

  • Hi! And welcome to my how much would you diaper / nappy children Test. I'll be using this test to determine how likley you are to make a child wear a nappy in certain situations. (for the rest of the test diapers will be referred to as nappies.) Please answer ALL questions even if they appear to contradict what you said earlier. For example if you said you would put a child in a pull up instead of a baby style nappy please still answer the questions refering to if you kept the child in a baby style nappy. Pull up - more discreet, the child changes themselves if the pull up is used. these are the nappies some toddlers use whilst toilet training. baby style nappy - more bulky, more babyish looking, if the nappy is used then the child must lie down and have an adult change their nappy. These are what babies wear e.g pampers baby dry. this is so you understand what i mean by pull up and baby style nappy.