The How open-minded are you concerning a sexual opportunity? Test

  • Hi! And welcome to my "How open-minded are you concerning a sexual opportunity?" Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine your true nature concerning how open minded and "taboo-free" you are when an intimate encounter is just around the corner..
  • 1
    You're in a serious relationship..

  • 2
    There is no "sex"...only "making love"!

  • 3
    Having sex/making love is something that I'm only willing to do with someone that I'm dating/being in a relationship with! (as in someone I have a serious prospect with!)

  • 4
    Whether you are or not in a serious relationship, you get to know a very sexy person and you seem to have a good for a drink?

  • 5
    In case you decided to meet this person for a drink and everything went pretty well: you decide to keep the contact alive and hope for a 'sexy' encounter (even if you are already in a relationship!!)

  • 6
    This other person tells you that he/she is in a serious relationship with someone else but wouldn't want to stop seeing you agree?

  • 7
    It seems that the other person's significant other is away from town and he/she invites you over for a you think "meeting for a nice drink and some nice company" or "meeting for a nice drink and having the best sex of our lives"?

  • 8
    Let's get a bit more "into it" now...(not a question for those who woulnd't accept the invitation).. So you finally meet at the other person's place and after a couple of hours of drinking and talking the sexual "chemistry" goes you take the initiative or do you wait and hope?

  • 9
    One way or another, you end up in bed and the whole thing is going amazingly well..will there be another rendez-vous?

  • 10
    Would you have sex with someone you like (even if you are in a relationship)?

  • 11
    And finally...(maybe the most important question of it all :p )..Having sex with someone is fine as long as both sides are clear on what's going on

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