• Hi and welcome to my QUICK AND EASY "How RAVEN Are You? - Test". I'll be using advanced knowledge and... uhm, well knowledge to determine your true (Raven-like?) nature.

    "Raven?! Who the f*** is RAVEN?!?" might be your first question now. Well, it's a good and justified question indeed! What can I say?

    She's sad, she's depressed, she's neurotic, she's a goth chick and in fact: she's mine. No, not what you probably think now...! She's one of my, or shall I rather say my FAVOURITE self invented rpg-character. Yeah right, now you got it! She's my intellectual property so to speak.

    See, I'm really into messageboard-roleplaying and, though not my very first self invented roleplay-character, I nevertheless became VERY attached to Raven (her full name 's Raven Corell-Montague by the way!). She's so much myself but at the same time so much not myself, you know what I mean? From the inside I'm totally her, it's just that you can't see it from the outside (mostly because I don't show it). Of course her biography is not at all comparable with mine (god thanks!) but apart from that...!

    To whom I owe the crazy idea for this rpg-character I so much love and adore? Come on, there CAN only be one true Raven and that definitely has to be

    TEEN TITAN Raven!

    I admit that I didn't read one sigle original TT-comic but that I only know her from the new anime-tv-series, but dude! That chick totally rocked my world! xD Of course MY Raven isn't completely the Teen Titan - Raven. My Raven is not a half-demon, she has absolutely no super-powers and she doesn't wear lilac at all. BUT she is an absolute loner and she does seldom laugh or smile.

    I really could give you her vitae now but I would have to translate it into English first and anyway this knowledge might possibly influence your test results so no, I will not give it to you! ;-)

    Okay, I'll stop babbling now and let you hopefully enjoy the test!

    ATTENTION: This is no common "how much goth are you?" - test! I'd really like to find out whether THAT Raven may be really somewhere out there and if so I'd be very interested to meet / talk to her, for I'm so damn fascinated by her character! Now anyway go on and enjoy my test! ;-)