• Hi! And welcome to my How romantic are you? Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine your true nature. This test is designed to uncover those of you who SAY you're romantic and charming, but wouldn't know romance if it showed up on your doorstep!
  • 1
    The nicest flowers to give my (potential) partner are:

  • 2
    I love writing...

  • 3
    The following is the most romantic thing I've ever done for someone "special":

  • 4
    Since you lost _______ (some object, pet, etc), all you can think about is getting another ______(same thing). Your partner gets you one as a surprise because (s)he thinks it will make you happy. You think this is

  • 5
    Your partner doesn`t like the shoes you just bought. Do you

  • 6
    You wake up to your partner serving you breakfast in bed. You think this is

  • 7
    You come home from work or school and your partner is drawing a bath for you. You think this is

  • 8
    Your idea of a great gift (to receive) from your `special someone` is: