• Hi! Welcome to my How Sexually Freaky Are You Test. I'll be determining your sexual freakiness, or lack there of. I want you to be open an honest with yourself...you might just have a hidden sexual freak inside of you begging to come out, or maybe it has already been unleashed. Let's find out. Ready?
  • 1
    When it comes to sexual positions, you are:

  • 2
    Do you or would you kiss after giving and/or receiving oral?

  • 3
    What are your views on anal sex, (receiving and/or giving)?

  • 4
    Are you into bondage, like blindfolds, wrist/ankle restraints, etc?

  • 5
    Do you play with sex toys, like vibrators, etc.?

  • 6
    Have you or would you take pictures or video of sexual acts?

  • 7
    Are you into giving and/or receiving a fisting (having your hand or a hand in a p**** and/or a**)?

  • 8
    Would you consider participating in or have you participated in group sex (3 or more people)?

  • 9
    Have you used or would you use food with a sexual partner, like whipped cream, chocolate sauce, etc?

  • 10
    Do you like golden showers (doing the peeing or being peed on)?

  • 11
    Do you like a partners cum on/in you?

  • 12
    Do you like having a sexual encounter in a public/semi public place?

  • 13
    Are you into spanking, hair pulling, biting, scratching, etc?

  • 14
    Do you like being watched when having sex?

  • 15
    Do you like to dominate a sexual partner or do you like to be submissive?