• Does anyone else find it ironic that almost everyone who drives thinks they are a very good driver, yet the world is chock full of shitty drivers? Well, I do, and I wrote this test to help people who think they can drive to understand that they are in fact shitty drivers. People who think they can drive and actually can drive will be rewarded, and people who don't think they can drive...well, I guess they'll be proven right. And oh yeah, if you don't drive a car, you automatically get an A++++ on this test (this includes people who ride 2 or 3 wheeled vehicles instead of cars), unless the reason you don't drive is that you got your license suspended or revoked for some dipshit thing you did. The fewer cars on the road the better, because that always means fewer jackasses. So anyway, let's start the test. Hopefully you'll get a chuckle or two, as well as learn something (e.g. that you're a shitty driver).

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