• I have often heard people say "my dog is stupid" or "that is one stupid dog." Frankly, few of us know exactly how stupid our dogs REALLY are.

    You must be a dog owner to get the most out of this test, watching other people's dogs once in a while won't cut it. Answer the questions honestly - remember, this is an intelligence test, not a discipline, love or loyalty test. What is smart for a dog may not be in your best interests as the owner.

  • Lets get some basics on your dog.

  • 1

    Does your dog poop in the house?

  • 2

    Does your dog pee in the house?

  • 3

    Does your dog know any standard tricks? (sit, stay, etc..)

  • 4

    Does your dog know any advanced tricks? (backflips, jumping through a flaming hoop, etc..)

  • 5

    Is your dog a working dog? (guide dog, rescue dog, etc..)

  • 6

    If your dog is a working dog, is it good at its job?