• Welcome to the How thick is your skin? Test. This test is used to explore your tolerance of Insensitivity and your willingness to laugh at yourself. Also how you feel about your public and private image and what your boyfriend or spouse thinks of you. Be honest and you may learn something about yourself.
  • 1
    How do you feel if a family member of friend makes fun of you?

  • 2
    When your boyfriend stares at women in public or on TV you think he is...

  • 3
    If your boyfriend makes fun of you, how do you feel?

  • 4
    Would you ever ask your boyfriend if you look fat?

  • 5
    Your boyfriend was a big flirt when you first met him, and he still is, even when he's out with you, this makes you feel...

  • 6
    Does a boyfriend Absolutely need to remove ALL pictures of him and other female friends and exes when he starts dating you?

  • 7
    His mother and sister do not like you you feel...

  • 8
    Your sister, mom, and best friend all tell you your boyfriend is hot, and they wonder what sex with him is like, you...

  • 9
    You catch yoursely staring at some really hott (not your boyfriend) random guy at the mall, do you feel gulity?

  • 10
    How would you feel if you found "plumpers" or "fat girl" porn on your boyfriends computer?

  • 11
    When in a public place do you people watch, and make fun of them?

  • 12
    Who do you trust LESS; other women or your boyfriend?

  • 13
    How many mirrors are in your house?

  • 14
    At the beach I wear...

  • 15
    Do you need to talk to your boyfriend every day?

  • 16
    If you and your boyfriend have said I love you in the past, do you need to say it after every phone conversation?

  • 17
    How long does it take you to get ready to go out drinking with your girlfriends?

  • 18
    How often do you not eat because you think you are too big?

  • 19
    Do you ever wish that you were not you?

  • 20
    Does talking about yourself make you feel.....

  • 21
    When was the last time you felt like you were truly happy with who you are?

  • 22
    How important is receiving praise from a teacher, coach, parents, boyfriend, siblings on a regular basis?