The How to initiate communicating with women on okCupid! Test

  • Hi! And welcome to my......... "How to initiate communicating with women on okCupid! FOR WOMEN" Test. This test is for women....ofcourse you know. After reading through several [women] profile....I wanted to figure out whats the best way to message women on okCupid...their likes, dislikes and preferences. As simple as that!!! Best way to do that....ask them!!
  • 1
    Do you [a female] like being "wooed" by a guy?

  • 2
    Do you "woo" a guy?

  • 3
    Do you [a female] ever start a conversation with a guy?

  • 4
    Would you prefer a guy to intiate communication?

  • 5
    How would you like "the first message" from a guy to be like?

  • 6
    Would you likely to reply a message? I know women must be overwhelmed my the messages/woos they receive!!

  • 7
    How often do you receive perverted messages?